Miyerkules, Marso 15, 2017

Handling The Interest Wave Rise Effectively

Last Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve had announced a certainty for investors and pensioners: the US' monumentally low interest rates are rising three times for 2017. Much to the chagrin of those indebted, the interest rates wave is not disappointing if one understands its advantages.

One advantage is to ensure that one's portfolio is on the proper track -- meaning part of your investment portfolio is unaffected by the long-term investment goals. If the goal is to reach a certain amount during a year, assess whether the buying or selling of a certain stock is worth the actual long-term goal. 
Second, bonds are a great investment nowadays. Their profits are moderate but they guarantee safety and security especially now that the interest rates for central US banks are higher. With higher rates, their value is lower -- meaning you could gain portfolio security once lower interest rates. Balance is truly an important part of the deal.
Higher interest rates mean the government is confident in the US economy. It would be best to move and make minor adjustments in one's portfolio given no drastic change is needed especially if one's long-term goals remain unaffected. The new interest rise is only a small change that would affect the market in the short-term.

Miyerkules, Pebrero 15, 2017

Marriage Isn't All Expenses: These Three Prove It

Many remain single for reasons not because they are loveless or unlovable -- as many would say. Some just choose to be single because the economy and employment situation across the world is in dire shape. But these three reasons prove that marriage -- well-avoided for possible financial disasters -- still has plenty of fiscal merit.

Tax Breaks

According to Express UK, the UK's Marriage Allowance allows couples to save up to £220 annually and even support the lower earner with a £1,100 cap transfer annually -- if the lower earner has an income of less than £11,000. Tax breaks are pretty useful and £220-£1,100 is not bad an amount at all.


Marriage in the United Kingdom also doubles the IHT allowance to £650,000 from £325,000 individually according to Express. Also, couples owning properties valued at about £600,000 do not need to pay additional IHT at all. If they were single and owned the same property, they would be paying back £110,000.


Marriage also guarantees the partner receives the pension benefits of the married husband or wife should anything happen to them. Cohabitation makes pensions an entirely troubling scenario for the partner who is not legally entitled to claim any benefits under the name of the husband or wife.

Lunes, Enero 16, 2017

The Stock Market Might Be Witnessing A Calm Before The Storm

It was the opposite of what stock analysts estimated about US President-Elect Donald Trump's win; America expected a volatile and fluctuating stock market pummelled by uncertain investors pulling out and likely investing their money in gold or other secure-value assets. But the stock market continues to soldier on even if the US Federal Reserve announced it would be raising interest rates.

The VIX index remains steady. It is responsible for estimating the deep fluctuations in S&P's 500 Index through a series of complex calculations. The VIX has remained calm. The last fluctuation was in late August 2015 after the market feared for an immense Chinese economic crash, having it raise up to 50.

When the VIX increases, premiums also increase as turmoil and market fears hold sway against investors. In 2017, the VIX raised itself to 32 from 20 due to unstable oil prices and slowing global economic growth. When Trump had taken the lead, the market's fears had grown further, bringing the VIX to a higher level. But now, it is at 11.

According to Luby Asset Management Chief Bill Luby in California, the number 11 is a historic low even for VIX. About 15-20 is the stable figure for VIX, signifying that investors may be becoming quite complacent and the current stock market is indeed favourable for long-term investors.

Huwebes, Disyembre 15, 2016

Properties Are Not Safe Bets This Generation

If it is not the grandparents, it would be the parents telling their millenial children that property -- notably residential properties -- are the best investment bets because regardless of market climates, everyone will need a home.  However, current research data shows that property ownership is not the safest bullet to bite this generation.

Tying one's personal wealth to their properties is an unsafe bet -- similar to the lack of diversity in a portfolio leading to shock losses in the future. According to research by the Globe and Mail, Toronto in Canada's estate markets did perform well with a 1.5 percent inflation rate from 2008's financial crisis to 2015.  But the liquidity -- the easy access of flowing money -- to expand one's investments is something properties fail to grant.

Like everything else, advisors would tell you that diversification is the key to surviving any financial nightmare. One can be invested in properties but one can be invested in stocks and other investments in different markets.

But before investing, one must make sure to have a true, real endgame. Not having a long-term plan for investments is the sole reason while most investors fail to make sound financial decisions during their retirement. Remember, research and understanding the market's climate is the key to invest properly in stocks, properties and other financial vehicles that could help your finances in the future.

Lunes, Nobyembre 14, 2016

Financial Tips From Brexit Survivalists

Brexit is understandably an immense issue in the United Kingdom. Not everyone who voted loved the idea and many of the newer generation Britons did not support the idea at all, claiming that allowing the older generation to set the standards of the new Britain was unfair.
Then, there are those who do not complain but only act on the events happening all around them.
Individuals primed for a possible stock market crash to hoarding of some goods also have some financial advice to share with anyone prepared to live under scraps.

Budget Wisely

Individual spending management should be similar to managing money when you've won the lottery: save some for yourself, your leisure and your future financial plans.
Before things get possibly out of hand during the Brexit, survivalists claim that high-interest credit cards can still be useful as long as it does not affect you when you lose your day job or when your income declines.

Ask For Deals

Don't be shy. Ask for deals. If you're embarrassed by your initial offer for a re-negotiation on your loan or car financing, keep asking but you lose nothing.
You also gain something: the knowledge and experience of proper haggling.


Have a promotion underway? Take it. If you're planning to start a new business, just the same, take it.
But look at where the road rocks less. If your vehicle can handle the bumps on the road, then that is the road one should take.

Unless you are in politics, the money you have and the decisions you make should still be the same and not leaning towards your political inclination. 

Linggo, Oktubre 9, 2016

Three Millenial Finance Attitudes Everyone Should Adopt

Say what you will about millenials; I'm proud my children know their money better than I ever did.
I, being born in the baby boomer era, have lots of things that I could learn from these crafty kids.

What are these? Well...

Spend Money on Experience

The baby boomer generation has always been about investment. Material investments, if you will. Better properties, better investments and money that grows is the thing we have.
But millenials live in the moment but never forget about their material needs. But spiritually, they are satisfied, hence they are more at peace for everything.

The Sharing Economy is An Amazing Alternative

With services like Uber and Airbnb, the opportunities to replace the luxuries of properties and great cars greatly help at lower costs.
No millenials wants to own permanent property.
The sharing and gig economy makes it easier to achieve luxuries at a lower, better cost.

Latest Investment Advice

With old age comes wisdom... not.
I'd like to believe the baby boomer generation is just quite lucky. We're lucky because of the property and estate booms during our time.
Let's admit it, we get our financial advice from other seniors and our ideas can be outdated.

So I rely on my own kids to tell me here the best money-making opportunities are found.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 7, 2016

Should Millionaire MIllenials Keep Themselves Liquidated?

Ultra-conservative is the true nature of millionaire millenials. In general, millenials are very tight-fisted when it comes to handling their money.

According to a survey by Capgemni Consulting, millenial millionaires keep themselves liquidated to a point that a third of their estate is in cash.

The traditional mode of keeping their millions in the proverbial sock is never a good sign, analysts advise these millionaires to keep their money somewhere it can grown until their retirement.

According to most observers, millenial millionaires are typically 'spooked' by short-term fluctuations 
in the market. Experts advise that they look at the long-term side of things; that it can change if an investor has a set plan.

Millenial millionaires can always contribute savings to their retirement plan indefinitely until their retirement.

Experts also advise to use compounding as a tool to help young investors earn better income through their investments.

As any investor -- even myself -- would say that cash should make only a portion of your assets, the money itself should do everything and earn for them. Idle money should work for its keep.